Here Is The Complete Guide For Linkedin Analytics

What is LinkedIn Analytics?

How to use LinkedIn Analytics?

1. Update Analytics

Metric to track:

  • Impressions: Impressions show you how many times your LinkedIn profile was seen for a period, at least 300 milliseconds. This tracks when your post is the face of a user that logged into LinkedIn. However, impression counts whenever a user sees your post for long enough. That means when a user visits your post multiple times will be recorded as impressions for the number of times. Hence, impressions are not a quantifiable metric, but it gives you a general idea of how many people saw your post.
  • Reactions, comments, and shares: this counts the number of times your post gets a reaction, comment, or claim. Reactions are the emotional responses of users to specific content. These responses are communicated by using emojis. Comments are words or feedbacks that are stated in response to your content; it provides a more thorough communication of how users feel about your posts. Shares show how many times users have posted your content for their followers by using the share button. If a user identifies with your content, they can recommend it to their own crop of followers by sharing it. Sharing a post sporadically broadcasts it and gets it to more users.
  • Clicks: is a counter that records how many times your CTA worked. When a user engages with your call-to-action, it counts as a click instead of just scrolling past. On LinkedIn, reactions by signed-in members are not counted as clicks. CTR or click-through rate calculates the number of engagements a post gets by dividing the clicks by impressions.

2. Follower Analytics

Metric to track:

  • The number of followers: show the number who like to stay connected with your business. They are the number of users who want to receive your subsequent updates on their timeline.
  • Companies to track: This helps you track your competitors to know how they are doing and what steps they are taking in the digital space.

3. Visitor Analytics

Metric to track:

  • Page views: this counts the number of times visitors have visited your page.
  • Custom button clicks: counts the number of times your business custom button was clicked. Your custom buttons can include ‘sign up, ‘register,’ ‘Contact us,’ etc.

4. Employee Advocacy Analytics

Metric to track:

  • The number of recommendations.
  • Posts from recommendations.
  • Engagement with recommended posts.

5. Talent Brand Analytics

Metric to track:

  • Visitor tracking
  • Job applications
  • Top tier applicants


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